β€œRed Sails at Night…”

Adrift in the Doldrums with nary a whispered mermaid’s breath to lift a banner. There’s the promise of a refreshing morning breeze to fill the sails… alas not today… I sit. Gazing onto the rise and fall of Depression’s flaccid breast.

Pfft! May the Gods of the Storm and of the Sea tire of my drifting and loose Depression from the rigging. “Red sails in the morning…”


Fanciful Thoughts on Life

Been thinking, musing about all of the chaos and upheaval worldwide. Talking about it with Family and Friends who feel quite distressed, ill-at-ease, out-of-sorts.

I liken it to humanity finally plunging through the rapids straight up and over Niagara Falls in a proverbial barrel. Tumbling, tumbling, tumbling to plunge into the turbulence below. We’re navigating, maneuvering through it all.

White water is exciting and exhilarating. It’s filled with heart-bracing obstacles and challenges. Dynamic. Intense. Powerful. Raw. Tumultuous. It demands focused action and split-second reaction.

* * * * *

Perhaps, just perhaps we’re experiencing the last intense, forward thrust of old energies propelling us into new energies. A natural cycle of humanity’s growth and development.

Humanity undoubtedly has gone through many changes over the Aeons. Some stupefyingly slow, others outrageously rapid.

What an amazing blessing to experience this movement between cycles at this time.

* * * * *

I’ll keep bobbing along in the battered barrel knowing in my heart-of-hearts it’ll slowly swirl out of the rapids into the still, reflective waters. There! finally scrambling over and out onto the shore, looking at the magnificent waterfall high above and the peaceful river below.


Cluttered Decisions

Creating both a “capsule wardrobe” and building a wardrobe & closet simultaneously is a LOT more complicated than anticipated 🧐. Even more involved than prep’ing for the cross country relo/retirement in 2013. Honing & fine tuning my “Dressing Your Truth” skills, to say the least.

What has me stymied today? Looking into the empty, clean, pristine closet. Who’d’ve thought a perfectly bare hole in the wall would stop me in my tracks 🀣. It’s a refreshing sight. A feast for the eyes. A calm harbour in a storm.

And the room definitely looks as if a storm roared through. Never knew a 3-foot plus a couple-inches closet could hold so much stuffed. It was πŸ˜‰ stuffed!

Realise my room is 8’x10′ with two windows; not much maneuvering room with bed, side tables, & dressing table. Add into the mix seven curious kitties and “Old Deuteronomy”, you can imagine the scene. Those old stagecraft lessons as a kid paid off, TeeHee.

I keep catching myself ruminating, “Why did I keep this? What was I thinking? Does this have any meaning/value to me now?” Thoughts go drifting off like spume on an ocean breeze, tumbling over sea oats and dunes. “Someone else may benefit from it now,” into the Donate Box it goes.

Dare’nt let Hubbykins anywhere near my room! He’s someone who lives from the perspective “I might need that… some day.” and “I’ll decide another day.” Interesting dichotomy even after 35-years of marriage and countless military moves.

Aah well… the mounting rails aren’t going to attach themselves πŸ˜‰ and stuff isn’t going to sort or purge itself, either.

Saw a wonderful quote the other day,

“Clutter is just delayed decisions.”


Playing Dress Up

I’ve discovered a unique boutique πŸ˜‰. It’s private, invitation only and has all my favourite sizes, shapes, silhouettes, and colours.

Where did I find such a place? One curated with fewer “what was she thinking πŸ€”” or “not gonna happen 🧐” pieces… It’s my own wardrobe!

This year I’m going to play with all of the existing clothing and accessories. Creating different outfits for every day and special occasions with what’s on hand.

Will there be gaps or things needed? Possibly. I’ll assess and discover what I truly wear to feel comfortable, put together, polished. Did I mention comfortable πŸ˜‰? Knits and jerseys have already become veritable wardrobe workhorses.

I’m even installing a built-in closet organiser unit. Right now everything is hanging on two over-the-door racks… unique experiences buying an older house with limited bedroom closets of one lone clothes rod.

Oh yes, there will be progress pictures and *gasp* OOTDs. Really stepping outside of my comfort zone being in front of the camera. Learning how use the selfie stick/tripod.

This is exciting πŸ€—.


All is well with my Soul

Wish I could do justice photographing the Moon tonight. It’s a full December “Cold Moon”, absolutely gorgeous. Peeking between the cypress branches into the bedroom window. Wind chimes play a soft lullaby on the breeze.

One thing I insisted on buying was four sets of tuned wind chimes in three lengths. All four corners of the house have one! Their music is soothing, bringing a sense of peacefulness and tranquility.

Brightest Blessings to All this first day of Winter. May your hearth fires warm body and Soul.


Wonderful! Thanks for asking…

While marketing yesterday, someone asked what I was fixing for Christmas. The buggy was a veritable cornucopia of fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and baking supplies.

“I’m not sure yet”, I demurred. Honest and for true, not sure what’s on the Christmas menu… Food πŸ₯˜… HaHa!

A very sweet lady PM’d about my Winter Solstice celebration traditions. Especially the Food. Aah yes! Food. Food! Glorious FOOD.

Sharing food, drink, a warm hearth, song & story transcends differences, highlights commonalities. No man at the door is a stranger but welcomed into the light as a guest.

This year’s Dinner Feast will include

    Cauliflower & Cheddar Soup
    Smoked Salmon on Cucumber Rounds
    Pork Loin Roast
    Creamed Spinach
    Savory Almond Cornbread
    Snow Pudding

Sunrise Feast Brunch will include

  • Venison Sausage
  • Cheesy Scrambled Eggs
  • Individual Sun Cakes
  • Clotted Cream
  • Lemon Curd
  • I’m sure there’ll be a couple two or three platters of fruits & cheeses, vegetables & dips, sweets & nuts spread out between meals, too. Coffee, tea, sparkling water will flow in abundance.
  • For anyone wondering, everything is gluten-free/Celiacs-safe and LC. Even the cornbread & cakes. Fruits are higher in carbohydrates yet loaded with phytonutrients.
  • What’s a celebration without Clementine? πŸ€— Add in a refreshing drink made with elderberry syrup and sparkling water. Thanks for asking!
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    Lighten Up a Little

    Decorating for Winter Solstice brings a lot of memories to the fore. Times from childhood, times from my children’s. It’s interesting remembering all of the different traditions our families had celebrating Christmas.

    I enjoy celebrating Winter Solstice. The shortest day, the longest night of the year. A time Earth lays fallow yet pregnant with new life, dreaming of a new beginning, Vernal Equinox.

    Once changing back to Standard Time, it’s even more noticeable the shortening of the daylight periods after Autumnal Equinox. Excitement toward setting up lights starts stirring by late October. “Is it too early to put up lights?πŸ€””, I contemplate each year.

    This year I bought new lights for the front window. ✨ STARS ✨ in multiple sizes. So since October there’ve been twinkling stars peeking through the sheer draperies.

    A set of multi-colour rope lights was added to the faux-foyer console table in November. Brightening up and adding a bit of cheer to the house.

    Salt lamps were rearranged, moved into the greeting room along with an aromatherapy diffuser. Delightful way to welcome family and friends. A soft golden glow, a subtle scent in the air.

    This year I also set up a vase with frankincense and myrrh resins ☺️ on a sunny shelf by the door. 🀫 Our special secret! It just adds something special. Sandalwood is my daily diffuser choice for that room year-round.

    Moon Bright greets us on the evening of 22 December, the first full day of Winter. Quite the loveliest way to end the shortest day and the longest night of the year on 21 December. The cold darkness of a Winters night lightened up a little…


    December Quietude is Lovely

    Surprised it’s been a little over a year since my last post! So much water has passed underneath the bridge… began to wonder if it had carried me away 😎.

    Learned a few new things about myself in the process:

      A LC/HF diet is wonderful for my physical health
      EFT aka Tapping is profoundly helpful for my emotional health
      “Energy Profiling”, DYT, & LifeStyle series with Carol Tuttle is beneficial overall
  • Accepting and settling into my primary energy expression, Type 2–the Soft, Subtle Womanℒ️, took me into unexplored territory. One I’d shied away from for decades.
  • Thinking of writing an in-depth post on how everything tied together. Nicely wrapped up with ribbon & bows 🎁! For today it’s Enough to post.
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    Is it OK or Okay?

    Life is an exciting, adventurous experience. There are times when less excitement and adventure is appreciated, HaHa!

    Never been to Oklahoma. Through it on cross country trips, numerous times. This week finds me quite unexpectedly in Broken Arrow. Beautiful, scenic area of Oklahoma; pasturelands, rolling hills. Texas Long Horn cattle… πŸ˜‰ in Oklahoma.

    Things will be Okay in OK this week. Maybe I can even play tourist and go to a museum or two. Maybe even an historic fort we passed on the way here. Possibly pictures, too 😎!